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Zaytoon introduction and activities

"Zaytoon" is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious foundation. The initiative supports young people from Syria based on the principle of free participation and unbiased engaged learning. The initiative’s philosophy is to apply all means beneficial to help people develop and find a place where they can engage actively in building their future and to build bridges between Syrians and others, as well as between Syrian their selves who belong to different political orientations, ethics, religion sects…etc.


Zaytoon does this by helping them raising their awareness and understanding, open their minds to others, ensure the concept of citizenship, building their capacity, improving their skills, their learning abilities and by supporting their own initiatives.


To practice that Zaytoon has divided its job to departments, which are:

Zaytoon’s training center:
It is a center aims to offer different kinds of courses in various disciplines as it aims to create a community and social network between young Syrians, Egyptians and other nationalities:

first medical aid workshop

Language skills (English, French, Italian), media training (montage, journalism documentation), computer sciences (Photoshop, ICDL), civic activities (first medical aid, health society). In all disciplines we will support new teaching method including an inspiring mix between practice, training which educational activities both cognitive and intuitive, socially and with creative means such as (Draw English, act Italian, cook languages…etc).English class


Zaytoon’s recreational and social activities:
Zaytoon is organizing various activities that all aim to support the recovering of a psychological basis of the Syrians, then to build a network between all of them and between them and others who belong to different cultures, religions, political views, as well as it aims to build the capacity of each one to be open to others (concerts, meetings, tours...etc)

Zaytoon’s campaigns:
Zaytoon will start and support several sorts of civic campaigns that helps the people, society and environment by leading a campaign or participating and supporting other campaigns (such as: cleaning campaigns that took a place in several places in Syria, planting an olive (Zaytoon) tree in Tahreer Square in Cairo in the 10th of November 2012.


Zaytoon and the arts:

Throughout the Syrian revolution artists and performers have played a significant role expressing, showing and documenting the needs of the Syrian citizens. Zaytoon has built a network and documentation of artists and their work. Recognizing the importance of art in the coming change the arts are at the core of Zaytoon’s three areas of activities and is also researching and communicating about the arts as central for building a new social order and supporting the new Syrian culture. Zaytoon have already produced one theater play and one short film.





Activity name




Dialogue Conference

the day of return

Below more information



Photoshop courses

make your design

Continued till end of March



English language courses

Speak it your self

Continued till end of May



Planting Olive’s tree (zaytoon’s tree) in Tahreer Sq.


Thanks Egypt




Film screening

From and about Syria

With townhouse gallery



First medical aid workshops

Nurse in every street

Six workshops Continued till end of January




Calendar of 2013

Artistic&documentation work

Calendar was presented in Belgrade international exhibition October 2013



Italian language course

Uno due….fun

Continued till end of March



New Year concert

2013 year of Hope




Film screening and dialogue

The screen speaks




Nursing workshop

Nurse in every streeet




Recreational meeting for families


The Nile refresh the life

Families meeting by the Nile



Workshop in development


With Hayat foundation



Workshop in project management


With Hayat foundation



Recreational tour for children

We should live!!






Workshop in time management and work stress


With the Arabic institution for development





Workshop in effective leadership


With the Arabic institution for development




series of lectures in Switzerland

Syrian Voices (Civil courage)

Lectures took place in Luzern (HSLU D&K, Hochschule

Luzern Design & Kunst), Zürich (Helmhaus) Geneva (Haute ecole d’art et design) and St Gallen (Kunst Halle)



Recreational day for children

We want to get happiness






Theater show at the Italian culture center


Waiting for the bomb

In the international day for refugees



Producing a short film

A room with millions of walls

Not screened yet


4.10.2013 - 15.11.2014

An art exhibition in Lausanne - Switzerland

Syrian Voices





Recreational and social activities

We deserve happiness!!




Recreational and social activities

We deserve happiness!!




Conference about the civil role in the crisis



Lausanne - Switzerland

Zaytoon conferences "the day of return":
The day of return is a weekly conference that has been going since December 2012 in a perfect way, there were many topics and issues that we could discus and talk about such as (democracy as a way to freedom - transition justice - civil society role - and many other issues)

What is very special about the weekly conferences which Zaytoon hold that its prepared and presented to the public by young people who are accepted by everyone and this is what gave us in Zaytoon the chance to

1- Gather all or most of the Syrian political orientations.
2- Gave the young the chance to have a voice and to speak it up in front of the expert and politicians.
3- Prepared the Syrian young people somehow to speak in public.
4- Improved very much the way of communication between the attenders and this we could notice clearly with time.
5- Developed the skills of communication, researching for many young Syrians who were not used to research or to communicate with other people who have other opinions

6- These conferences could rise up the respect to other’s opinion and make them accepted by all.
7- provided many people with very useful information regarding to the title which were all pretty much the same as your office aim "election systems - democracy building - exchange and dialogue - laws and constitution understanding - human rights - civil society organizations- intellectual property - the women role in society - and many other issues regarding to the rebuilding of society, economy, health system, Infrastructure and political life.

-Some of the topics:

1-                       The truth commissions.

2-                       International movement.

3-                       The revolution and the economic.

4-                       The refugees Organization in Egypt and the refugee’s rights.

5-                       The political situation and future resolutions.

6-                       The revolution’s media.

7-                       The transition government, interior and foreign responsibilities.

8-                       The fact of rebuilding a state.

9-                       The current health situation in Syria.

10-                  The woman a partner.

11-                  About the Arab and Islam identity.

12-                  Refugee rights.

13-                  Children rights.

14-                  Women rights.

15-                  Human rights.

16-                  Society building and development.

17-                  The regime’s forums.

18-                  Intellectual priority and freedom

19-                  Democracy as a way to freedom.

20-                  The transition justice and the role of civil society.

21-                  The civil state in Islam.

22-                  Armed movement and its effect on the democratic movement.

23-                  The concept of citizenship.

24-                  The concept of the identity.

25-                  The role of the civil society in the society.

26-                  The concept of the civil society.

27-                  The concept of transition justice.


  • Zaytoon from Switzerland In May 2013 Shadi Al Shhadeh visited Switzerland and gave talks in Luzern (HSLU D&K, Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst), Zürich (Helmhaus) Geneva (Haute ecole d’art et design) St ...
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