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Zaytoon organizes a weekly dialogue conferences aiming not only to give information or teaching, but it aims also to improve attendees communication skills,  activate the youth role, create a social network, build bridges and open doors between all the different political sides, improve the researching skills and to raise the awareness and understanding for the very basic concepts such as: democracy, Human rights…etc. These series of conferences started in December 2012 in Cairo.

The conferences are going perfectly, there were many topics and issues we could open, understand and discus such as (democracy as a way to freedom - transition justice - civil society role - and many other issues)

What is special and amazing about the weekly conferences they are all prepared and presented to public by young educated Syrians whom are accepted by everyone and this is what gave us in Zaytoon the chance to

1- Gather all or most of the Syrian political orientations.

2- Gave the young the chance to have a voice and to speak it up in front of the expert and politicians.

3- Prepared the Syrian young people somehow to speak in public.

4- Improved very much the way of communication between the attenders and this we could notice clearly with time.

5- Developed the skills of communication, researching for many young Syrians who were not used to research or to communicate with other people who have other opinions

6- These conferences could rise up the respect to other’s opinion and make them accepted by all.

7- Provided many people with very useful information regarding to the title which were all pretty much the same as your office aim "election systems - democracy building - exchange and dialogue - laws and constitution understanding - human rights - civil society organizations- intellectual property - the women role in society - and many other issues regarding to the rebuilding of society, economy, health system, Infrastructure and political life.

Some of the topics:

  1. The truth commissions.

  2. International movement.

  3. The revolution and the economic.

  4. The refugees Organization in Egypt and the refugee’s rights.

  5. The political situation and future resolutions.

  6. The revolution’s media.

  7. The transition government, interior and foreign responsibilities.

  8. The fact of rebuilding a state.

  9. The current health situation in Syria.

  10. The woman a partner.

  11. About the Arab and Islam identity.

  12. Refugee rights.

  13. Children rights.

  14. Women rights.

  15. Human rights.

  16. Society building and development.

  17. The regime’s forums.

  18. Intellectual priority and freedom

  19. Democracy as a way to freedom.

  20. The transition justice and the role of civil society.

  21. The civil state in Islam.

  22. Armed movement and its effect on the democratic movement.

  23. The concept of citizenship.

  24. The concept of the identity.

  25. The role of the civil society in the society.

  26. The concept of the civil society.

  27. The concept of transition justice.




These are some of many issues that been already discussed at Zaytoon weekly conferences, which are still going up to this date since December 2012