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Zaytoon’s training center:

It is a center aims to offer different kinds of courses in various disciplines:

Language skills (English, French, Italian), media training (montage, journalism documentation), computer sciences (Photoshop, ICDL), civic activities (first medical aid, health society). In all disciplines we will support new teaching method including an inspiring mix between practice, training which educational activities both cognitive and intuitive, socially and with creative means such as (Draw English, act Italian, cook languages…etc). 

Zaytoon’s recreational activities:

Zaytoon is organizing various activities that all aim to first support the recovering of a psychological basis of the youth and children, then to build a network between all of them, as well as it aims to build the capacity of each one to be open to others  (concerts, meetings, tours...etc)

Zaytoon’s campaigns:

Zaytoon will start and support several sorts of civic campaigns that helps the people, society and environment by leading a campaign or participating and supporting other campaigns (such as: cleaning campaigns that took a place in several places in Syria, planting an olive (Zaytoon) tree in Tahreer Square in Cairo in the 10th of November 2012. Collaborations with children drawing.)

Zaytoon and the arts:

Throughout the Syrian revolution artists and performers have played a significant role expressing, showing and documenting the needs of the Syrian citizens. Zaytoon has built a network and documentation of artists and their work. Recognizing the importance of art in the coming change the arts are at the core of Zaytoon’s three areas of activities and is also researching and communicating about the arts as central for building a new social order and supporting the new Syrian culture.